Exhibits, Publications, & Public Presentations

Keys Art, Sag Harbor, NY: Our Community. Come, celebrate this brilliant community in which we live, work and appreciate. This group show explores the impact of dynamic community and how it keeps us striving to be better. The results are the modern Paris of ideas and brilliance. December 13, 2023 to January 31, 2024

Keys Art, Sag Harbor, NY: Winter Exhibit. January 2024

Material Eco-systems: Digital. Physical, and Cultural Assemblies Symposium, Venice. November 22, 2023

On Hope. Part of the the ‘Questioning the obvious series;
A collaboration between the Institute of Psychoanalysis and the Centre for Philosophy and Art
at King’s College London. March 10, 2023

GUILD HALL Museum, East Hampton, NY: Love Letter to a Surrogate(s). September, 2022

Center for Architecture / American Institute of Architects. NYC
Art / Architecture Exhibit Group Show. March 31-April 4, 2022

The William Allonson White Psychoanalytic Institute
(F)ACTS OF BONDING: Art, Architecture, Culture & History – 03/03/2022

Kienviet (Vietnam) Feature Article. January 27, 2022

STIR WORLD / October 25, 2021

ArchDaily / October 25, 2021

HAIGAZIAN UNIVERSITY, Beirut, Lebanon. ART (architecture) Overcoming Adversity – 4/14/2021

Wolf & Galentz Gallery / Group show, Berlin Germany.
July – August 2021

PARRISH MUSEUM – Nishan Kazazian Pecha Kucha– 3/19/2021

PARRISH MUSEUM/ Artist Stories from the Pandemic, 2020

East Hampton Star, East Hampton, New York
January 9, 2020

Abstract project galerie, Paris, France
November 06 – November 30, 2019

“Connecting the Dots:”
An interview with Nishan Kazazian by Cristina Baldacci
artedossier (GIUNTI Publisher, Florence, Italy), July/August 2019, pp. 10-11

Art & Culture Today September 2, 2017

Interview with Middle East ARCHITECT Magazine (Dubai, UAE & London, UK)
Ties that Bind: New York-based Architects Reveal Middle Eastern Influences
January, 2014 Volume 08, Issue #1

Oculus Magazine, AIA Publication, New York City
Gazing into the Void of Nostalgia
October 20, 2013

CHANGE: American Institute of Architects
Architecture & Engineering in the Middle East 2000-Present.
February 22 – June 23, 2012

New York Times, Response to Michael Graves:
The Architect’s Indispensable Hand. Hand Versus Computer.
September 10, 2012

“Endless Cycle” Video Animation
September 11, Digital Archives Museum.
New York, NY. 2006

“Bleached Blood” Video Animation
Golden Apricot 2005 International Film Festival,
Yerevan, Armenia

Oculus Magazine, AIA Publication, New York City
Mixing Palette, Secret Life of Architects: Interview with Nishan Kazazian
Fall 2004

Oculus Magazine, AIA Publication, New York City
House, American Houses for the New Century and houses by Nishan Kazazian.
March/April 2002